Ughhhhh my life.

K so. Rough morning. The "eye doctor" told me the wrong "appointment time" so now I have to wait like an "hour" (these are my conspiracy quotations for emphasis) and anyways I'm a decent person so I didn't get upset and also they have wifi so holllaaa ima steal all da internets.

So I'm sitting here doing this and then sending them to Chris at school because I'm a nursing school distraction professional:

And also this place IS super nice..gotta hand it to them, but I'm slightly conflicted because they have this couch in the middle of the waiting room and its the least snuggle conducive couch I have ever seen, aka NOT Tate approved. I get it. People shouldn't be snuggling in the middle of the doctors office but seriously? I can guarantee that whoever invented this couch is the worst snuggler ever.


So this lady walks in and sees me sitting the waiting room..where the purpose is to sit..and wait..and she goes "are you with a patient?" And I'm like "ummmmmmm?" And she stares at me because I'm confused and in my head I'm like..why is that the first conclusion you came to? Why wouldn't you assume I'm waiting for an appointment. And then it's awkward because I'm judging instead of speaking so I'm all like " appointment time was wrong so I'm just campin out until one." And then she judged me back so I said "oh! Ha, I get thought I was waiting for someone who is in an appointment right now..."
 And she's like "haha, yeah."

What is my life.

So then I'm like..hey why don't I write a post about this experience so others can suffer with me so I download the "blogger app" (also part of the conspiracy, read on) but I entered my apple Password wrong a million times so they made me do the whole "answer your security questions to reset  your password" but clearly when I signed up a long time ago I ENTERED MY BDAY WRONG so I couldn't even make it past that question.


Don't worry. I hacked it. Aka had them send the reset thingy to my email instead.

So here we are.
Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Over and out.