Etsy Love!

Jordan=obsessed with Etsy. I dream of the day that I can afford to buy every gift from there because it's so neat to stick it to the man and support talented individuals and families from all over the place. Ha. Just kidding about the sticking it to the man part but kinda not really. Anyways. My mom is super talented at all things crafty. She just launched her Etsy shop at Surcee Paper Design and will be building up her cute little shop! You can follow the link above or always find the link to the right by clicking on the Surcee Paper Design image.

Also note the fact that my ridiculous obsession with paper clearly comes from my mom 'cause HEYcraftygeneHEY! It's a real thing. My dad tries to take credit and we laugh. So now you know that it is not my fault, Chris, that we have crazy colored and patterned paper everywhere and sorry.