Nigeria Bound

It is through teary eyes that I write this today.....knowing that in just a few hours my sister will be headed to Africa on a two year teacher's contract. I always talk about how I grew up with three brothers and desperately wanted a sister when I was growing up. It didn't happen until I got married to a boy with a large family...where I instantly gained two sisters and will gain more as the other brothers get married one day, too. :) Although they technically are "sisters-in-law" they feel like real sisters that I've known for much longer than I have. They both have cried with me, held me, loved me, and laughed with me...and to think of having to send one off to a place that is too far away to drive to for hugs and laughs is super rough. One thing I do know is that the Lord has absolutely opened this door for her. Her stories about it are hers, though, so I'll leave them for her to tell. You can read about her adventures here at "Letters from Liz." If you lose the link, it will always be to the right.
It's so hard to think about life with her away...but thank goodness for me she has some breaks where she will be home....the first one being in December. Today was full of packing and skyping with family and errands and sending her off with laughs and games. Tomorrow will be tough..not just for me, but for everyone who loves her and knows how amazing she is to be around. Super jealous of the wonderful people she's going to be spending her days with over there. Liz, you are going to do AMAZING things. Take lots of pictures, give lots of hugs, and spread lots of Jesus. :) I LOVE YOU, Seester.