Does anyone else think it's so feisty for google to be like "ummm, you changed your password 7 MONTHS ago," when you enter it wrong? Clearly 7 months is not enough time to figure it out and it's sorta hard to remember what I was going to write about after they've gotten all sassy.

Normally I don't post my photography ventures on this blog because I try to keep the personal life separate from the work life but let's be real I'm an artist and I'm pretty sure we get to break all the rules. What I'm trying to say is that I photographed a wedding this weekend and the first time I met this lovely couple was at their engagement session when I was pregnant with Ellie, but seriously....this was my first wedding back after she passed away so I was sorta nervous about how everything would feel. Basically it was no stress. All love. They passed out jars of moonshine for their toast. The weather was dreamy. I'm back in biz-ness.

So..........that happened. Did I mention my hubtastic man shot with me? That's right, he WASN'T in clinicals. First full weekend we've had together in I don't know...ten years? That's what it feels like. I'm more over nursing school than I was the last time I said that.

One of my best friends gets married in two weeks. I'd say more about that but I'm emotional in general and extra emotional when I think about her wedding.

Next weekend we'll be in Charleston and ALSO totally looking at potential places to make our abode. OHMYWORD I literally just said that. I might hyperventilate and my hopes are totally up so if this doesn't happen somebody please come hold me while I cry.

I'm kidding. There would be benefits to staying around here......namely friends and our church but guys....THE BEACH. THE SAND. THE SUN. THE GOODNESS FOR MY SOUL. Plus, who doesn't like to visit the beach, right? So our friends could technically thank us for providing them with a free vacation spot amiright!?

Ellie, Ellie, Ellie. What to say about Ellie. She's my heart.

Shalom, friends.