Me: (working on something) "Chris--I need to think for a minute. Can you try not to talk really quick?" (He wasn't talking to me..he was thinking out loud.)*
Chris: But it helps me work if I can think out loud! Can't you just tune me out?
Chris: Well then you're gonna hear me roooaaarrr.

Thanks, Katy Perry.

*disclaimer: when you read the above conversation it sounds like I was being really which I say that tone is everything and I'm obsessed with my husband so don't worry. If I was mean, he would have responded with "Hey. You're being mean," rather than with Katy Perry lyrics...because we tell it like it is around here.

Although, wouldn't it be funny if we were fighting and we fought solely with Katy Perry lyrics? Kidding, I don't know any. Something about a plastic bag floating through the wind or something?

 Also, it doesn't make sense that Roar gets to be on the radio and Sara Bareilles' "Brave" doesn't get to be. Sara is way better. Such is life.

Guys! The DCF ARTFUL WORSHIP EVENT beings TONIGHT and runs through Saturday evening! There's loads of AMAZING art there and there will be performances and other worshipful art you should come out. It's drop-in style.
(101 Keith Street, Clemson, SC.)