Why Hello There.

Long time no blog.

That sounds so lame. Don't even care. I left my computer at our church and I forgot that we have another one sitting in our house except it doesn't work very well and it's been nice to actually not have my computer. I sorta need it back though in a couple days because we're shooting a wedding. So. Warning. This post=not exciting.

Life has felt sorta weird lately. Mainly because Chris' semester KINDA is slowing down, in that I got to see him for longer than thirty minutes yesterday and it was like a flashback to the better days before he went back to school. We went running. (You guys, it feels amaaaazing to be able to run again. Stupid c-section.) We thought about playing tennis and then didn't but hey it was still an option. We took a nap. I gave him a haircut. We goofed off and did other random activities. So basically...I really really can't wait until he's finished.

Speaking of that. We have no idea where we're going to live after December! We're only in this apartment until then and then it's sort of wherever he gets a job. Fingers crossed for Charleston because I need to be back there and we belong at the beach. Erryday. (If you wanna pray for us in that regard, we won't stop you!)

Fun fact! We've moved 5 times in 2.5 years. Us=nomads. That's why we hardly have any furniture. I typed that and pictured everyone who reads this imagining us sleeping in sleeping bags and eating dinner off of the floor and/or countertop. We have enough furniture, just not any extra stuff like.......bed frames. But seriously, I really hope the next time we move it will be to a location that we will be staying in for longer than six months. Now that I've said that....probs not gonna happen.

The problem is we don't like commuting. Excess time in the car=excess time not doing other things that are more fun than being in a car. So we moved when Chris got his first job, moved when he went back to school, moved when I got my job, etc. Before I left DSS I was totally diggin' how I lived 3 minutes away. So anyway...the point of all of this is in the next couple of months everything will change. Again. For the better, this time. It can only go uphill from here, right? (Hear the desperation.)

I have nothing of substance to discuss here today, except that I think the world would be a better place if people stopped talking about Miley Cyrus and if more people were like this guy. Click it. You won't regret it. If he doesn't run for president I'm just going to go ahead and write his name in. Who's with me.

You guys. We have 4, count it-FOUR, weddings to go to in October. So, don't invite us to do anything or we'll have to turn you down. But..November! Holla! (Last full month of nursing school, I'm already hyperventilating.)

 Jordan needs more coffee and for it to stop raining.