A couple of things.

When I was growing up, I didn't even know there WAS a great debate on the proper time to begin thinking about Christmas. Mostly because my parents are ballershotcallers, as our friend Nicholas likes to say. So, naturally, when I grew up and went to college and heard people debating about it..I literally, with all of my being, thought they were joking.

They weren't.

That being said, I guess half of you can prepare to be disappointed in this post. It's clear where I stand. Christmas should be all the time. I feel confident in my ability to tell you what I'm about to tell you whilst still being uber excited and invested in Thanksgiving. Human beings have this amazing ability to be excited and invested in more than one thing at a time. It's incredible.

K. Beast mode. 92% of our Christmas shopping is done........done AND wrapped. I'm not into "defending" myself on my blog because that's silly talk, so for the love of all things non-defending, we're moving in four weeks..before Christmas obviously. We bought our gifts this year with reward points that we had to use before December. And I didn't want a bunch of little gifts to get separated and lost in the shuffle of moving, so I wrapped them. It should be quite hard to lose and/or separate obnoxiously trendy green chevron gifts with gold ribbons.

 Next up, if anyone in the Charleston area wants to help us move in during the first week of December, email me! We don't have a lot of stuff..it shouldn't take long.

I know I've already mentioned this somewhere but Chris lost his wedding band (the original) in a friggin HAYSTACK. So.....finding it was going to be like........finding a ring. In a haystack.

We did try. We failed. We decided not to pay a ridiculous amount of money for another gold ring. Who even cares? Why did we do that the first time? So we got him a tungsten ring that like..cannot be scratched. And it was an eighth of the cost of his first one. AND...I totally like it better. It's a couple shades darker than white gold and it looks so dang manly. It's still comfort fit. It's a tiny bit heavier. It's awesome.

I tried to tell Chris that he's STILLMARRIEDTOME even if he loses his ring. I mean. Come on. Nice try.
I have nothing else in my brain at the moment. Look at this presh picture Sarah Mudder took of us. Shameless plug. She's amazing.