so many countdowns

Let me tell you why I haven't been writing a lot lately--

because my husband has been HOME and NOT AT SCHOOL AS MUCH. like hardly. Except right now he's doing another 12 hour shift but that's not even terrible because he only has a few left.

We've been catching up on life, cooking together again, drinking a fair amount of sake (not a plethora, just a celebratory amount) and hugging. A lot. Also crying but that's mostly me because I think I'm in shock.

You guys. I don't want to sound ungrateful for school and education and all that other stuff that is politically correct and biblical but I have feelings and I'm a human and the past 15 months have freaking SUCKED. Maybe it wouldn't have sucked if we like hated eachother but whoah, forreal, not seeing eachother regularly for more than a day is just not going to cut it. Maybe it also wouldn't have sucked if Ellie hadn't skipped this whole Earth biz'ness to start chillin in perfection for the rest of forever. Buuuuuut, what can ya do.

What I'm saying is that in a year or 4 I'll be grateful for this crazy accelerated whirlwind of a degree that he was able to get......but right now............right now I'm contemplating how to make it through his graduation without yelling obscenities and/or having an emotional panic attack. The only solution is probably going to be playing Fruit Ninja through the ceremony.

We move to Charleston in 3 weeks and it's the most excited about moving I have ever been because I majorly dislike the process of moving but when I think about driving down there with our belongings and our cat.........yes. It is good.

This doesn't mean we're not going to miss the junk out of everyone up here...we will. We will a lot. But this feels good. It feels refreshing. We'll be stopping on the way down to drop some stuff at my parents' house and also grab my surfboard and doing so will most likely cause tears of sweet sweet joy. Inanimate object..I know..don't even care.

Let's talk about how I'm not ready for it to be cold. Me=denial. Cold + Tates = not the best mixture. But gloves and blankets and fires and cider, you say! No. Get out of here. But hey. Winter at the beach beats a winter just about anywhere else. Except for maybe the tropics.

So.......that's happening.