December Update! Sorta

I know I know I know I knowwwww I haven't been blogging.

Let me tell you why:

We don't live in Anderson under the life-sucking nursing program Chris was in.

Translation: Moving to awesometown and Free Husband=no time for blogging.

But alas, we're at the library since we don't have internet and have some emails and things to catch up to.

We went back to the church I went to when I was a young lassy and I'm in love. With Jesus of course but also that place.

I've been worried about sucking Chris into all these things that I used to do because we're an indestructible team and I want to make sure he never feels left out or out of the loop, but driving home from somewhere yesterday he says, "How did your parents ever leave this place." Sooo, non-issue. I just think it'd be so weird for me to move to where he grew up. Maybe it would be. Maybe he's more awesome than me. Fact-he's more awesome than me. BUT, this is just such a wonderful place to reside and I'm happy he's happy.

My favorite place got even favorite-y-er when my favorite PERSON got added to the equation. Imagine that. Regardless, I keep reminding myself that if God suddenly tells us to go somewhere else, we will without hesitation. *secretly asks if we can stay for a while.*

So, we're not working yet, but are actively applying, so our pre-work festivities include frequent bike rides to various locations, stalking Bobby and Emily, decorating our apartment, catching up with old friends, and appeasing the Paxmeister who is thoroughly confused. Making the most of our time before we jump back into work and daily begging my parents to hurry up and move down here.

We ARE missing our friends from the upstate and we keep saying that because it keeps being true. I literally want every one of them to move in with us. Asap. Selfish, I know, but the Tateys can dream.

Call us, message us, visit us, move in with us. Come on!

In the meantime, I'll update when I can!
Merry Holidays!