Tate life lately

We've been getting settled in to our new home and church(es) [more on that in a second] and the like, and I'm happy to say that Chris has not one, but two interviews tomorrow at MUSC. Raise your hand if you are surprised!

Nobody. That's what I thought.

He's anxious to begin working but I'm positive that this break after school has been so good for the both of us. We've been reading..relaxing..exploring..hugging. Just all the good things, really.

I was told about this awesome gym called n:motion, which is a non-profit ministry type gym (sounds dreamy huh) where you work your booty off but feel served and loved all the while. I've only been three or four times now but I had forgotten how much I love spinning. It feels super awesome to get back into a routine, especially with it being too cold for my liking to run outside. I'm a wimp.

It smells like lavender and eucalyptus as opposed to man sweat andddddd I'm sold.

We've been going to Holy Cross like I mentioned before, but sporadically going to random night services and stuff at St. Andrews. Can't get enough of Jesus and also exploring what it means to be connected to multiple "communities" of believers..rather than being so disconnected. We're making sure not to spread ourselves too thin and it's apparently working because I get this sense that God likes the idea of the big C church being the big C church and not always a bunch of little c churches. 

God continues to be really sweet to us and boy do I have some stories to prove it..but I'm typing this all on my iPhone so I'll have to save them for the computer so my thumbs don't fall off.

It's also super amazing getting to live so close to the nieces..like whoah. Best thing ever.

Eden told me recently (quite possibly during the photo above) that she wants at least 7 tatey cousins so I passed the word to Chris. Demanding, that one..

On that note..peace and love to you all! 
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P.S. My sis in law told me this morning about an old friend of hers who has just suffered the loss of their baby yesterday. Full term but stillborn. Now residing with Jesus (and Ellie!) No words but the deepest empathy..lift them up if you read this.