Skiing adventures + an update!

So Friday after work I called my mom who happened to be on a ski lift of all places..they had gone to sugar mountain to ski for the weekend and we were like..wait a minute..we want in on that. So we packed in ten minutes and jumped in the car and 6 hours later we were night skiing.

My fam is the best.

It was a blasty blast. We got home a few hours ago. On the way home I was bored so I successfully de-stressed Facebook by having a mass deletion sesh in which I deleted any name I didn't recognize and/or any person I haven't spoken to in years. This is so trivial, I realize but I partially did this because I miss you Clemson folk and I occasionally like to stalk you.

I probably unknowingly deleted people that I DO know who got married and now there names are different so if I did that..oops and I'm sorry.

Andddddddd onto news that's actually important: this week is a biggie.

Chris' first day at MUSC is tomorrow and he turns 25 years awesome on Tuesday. 

Also..we successfully started vlogging so that people can creep even harder on us and also because we want to be in the habit when the tatertots arrive for family and friends who are afar. You will see random footage of us in the car and grocery store and other things of the sort.   Cool right!? Jk. It goes sort of like I turn my video on and say I'm waiting for Chris to ski past me because that'd be awesome and then my battery dies.

None of them are up yet because I'm waiting till we have a few full videos before posting.

This week I've been hardcore missing DCF folk for some reason..muddies+Brenda and lilleys and shotsys and parrishys and sandersies and hindesys and terrys and the whole lot of ya. We feel the dcf shaped hole..and we're planning a trip soon! I'm not even going I try and name all of you.

Big love from me and my birthday man nurse friend husband.