Things We've Been Loving Lately

Sorry it's been forever and a day since I've posted anything buuuuut we've been busy. AND. I don't have anything profound to talk about (ha. do I ever? no.) BUT lately I've been recognizing all these things that we use and love and I figured I'd share because sharing is caring!

I realize I just wrote a post about making toothpaste with this for Chris but seriously. No. The possibilities are way more endless than that. Lotion. Facial moisturizer (I know. Just trust me.) Deep hair conditioner. Treatment for burns (learned that one the hard way.) Cooking ANYTHING. So just go get some.
IMPORTANT: Don't get the "refined" unless you don't like the smell/taste of coconut oil. Why would you want to buy coconut oil if you don't like coconuts? I don't know. But refined coconut oil is deodorized and bleached. Why? I have no idea. We got some by mistake and we are disappointed.

So I thought these bad boys were pretty standard but a lot of people come over and ask us how to make coffee with them. We've had a french press since we've been married and clearly these things are far from new but I find that I get on these french press "kicks" and now is one of them. I literally want to hug our french press every morning. Problems, I know.

CERTAIN PHONE APPS (sorry. vague. read on.)
I've never been a smart phone advocate and we were UBER late to the smartphone game, but alas, I am just starting to appreciate the variety of awesome things it has to offer. I try to stay away from mindless apps like one vice is definitely instagram...but people. I am literally using my phone to re-teach myself spanish. With a free app! FREE! That's crazytown! We'll see if my extreme type B brain can stick with it. If you know of any time worthy apps let me know! The app store is a confusing place and I'm not into games or time-wasting..but I'm just feeling so productive lately so why not learn a second language, right!? (Kidding about that productive part. I get stuff done but I mean..I can only be this passionate about a phone app for so long.)

Totally not good at it but man...I am so happy we're finally getting into the habit of recording random clips from life because how fun is that? We're not professionals but I can hold a camera and attempt to capture Chris being weird allDAY. Again, we're mostly just practicing for when we have babies because we have large families and we want them to share in the baby glory in a way that > than pictures.

I can't say enough how happy I am that we live 5 minutes away from this place. Everything there is good. That is all.

Sorry buuuuut our closet is a hot mess because we can't put away our winter clothes if the winter doesn't stinking go away. Right now I'm wearing shorts AND a hoodie because my body is confused.

 OH BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU pandora radio.
Do it. Just do it.

I am just thankful. So cool to be able to catch up with family and friends whilst staring at their actual face. I literally remember being super young (pre-cell phones) and hearing my super hip granddad talk about how "video phone calls" were going to be the norm one day and I literally remember being like. Psh. Whatever. BUT ITS TRUE AND ITS AWESOME. Hit me up on facetime, you guys. Don't even call me, just facetime call me. Because why not?

Still love it.

Still love it.

Andddddddddddddd, done.