Anyone need a car?


I'm back!

And less emotional! (Ha just kidding.)

There is a relatively unimportant but fun life event coming up and I need to give credit where credit is due because let me explain.

Chris is a handyman of the most attractive variety in that he literally can fix anything. Anything. I cannot fix everything and I also don't read car mechanic manuals in my free time. And I also can't fathom having that kind of knowledge just hanging out in my brain just in case.

That being said, sometimes I'm a hater when it comes to the many cars Chris has owned, including the one he has now (Appropriately named Humphrey). It (along with the others he's had) gets him from point A to point B, but the thought of driving babies around town in it makes my stomach feel not awesome. Or maybe that's just the pregnancy. EITHER WAY-I have failed as a wife to admire the fact that cars, such as this one, cost him little to no money (we bought that bad boy for 400 dollars) and for pre-children they have been super economical and it's a working car, you selfish self! Seriously. It works perfectly fine. Just a little rough around the edges.

Anyway, the time has come, because we are with child, and we have happened on a car, graciously offered to us from a family member (the best kind!) and we are picking it up next week. Humphrey will be leaving us and Chris will be sad.

That being said-if you know anybody who needs a working car that will get them places but might not be the most luxurious OR fit for children, please let us know! It served its purpose for us and it most definitely has life left in it. It's also really good on gas mileage. It has never broken down on us--Chris just does the normal maintenance you're supposed to do on any car. It's a dark red '94 Mazda Protege (manual.)

PRICE: free, besides a willingness to come pick it up. (Won't be ready for a month or so!)

Spread the word! And get in touch with me/him if you find someone.