What!? 3 Years!?

I didn't write an anniversary post because my man surprised me with a trip to Savannah which was full of food and one of my favorite plays put on by SCAD and other funtivities. Then obviously we announced our baby things and I didn't want my obsessive  totally normal love for Chris to fall through the cracks.

I'm telling you. It just gets better and better. It's only been three years and we have grown exponentially..especially in the past year--but definitely over the entire course of our relationship. Looking back on three years of marriage gets me so pumped for the months and years to come.

I've written about marriage frequently and those posts can be found all over the place on here, so instead of talk about all the reasons why I'm thankful for my hot man nurse husband, we're going to celebrate by telling you some stuff you may not know about us. That way you can celebrate with us and also learn something new. See! This blog is educational.

Fact 1:
About 6 months into marriage, Chris and I switched sides of the bed. I don't remember why.

Fact 2:
Our first apartment was under 500 square feet and our queen size bed barely fit into our one bedroom. If we both stood in the kitchen we were forced to be touching. (I didn't mind.)

Fact 3:
We have the same top two love languages, they are just reversed in order.

Fact 4:
Chris cooks breakfast for me every morning (that he isn't already at work.) And we mostly cook dinner together. We don't use recipes because we like to make stuff up and hope it tastes delicious.

Fact 5:
We go to bed consistently before 10pm, unless we're out and about with friends.

Fact 6:
If we go out to dinner, we're 99% likely to be found eating sushi or mexican.

Fact 7:
Sometimes before bed we watch a plethora of weird cat videos on youtube.

Fact 8:
When Chris wants a more intense squat workout, he holds me piggy back style on his back until he's too tired to squat anymore.

Fact 9:
Chris is a perfectionist. Jordan is not. But it totally works.

Fact 10:
Nacho Libre is frequently quoted in the Tate Household, also quoted frequently: Julian Smith/Jeffery Dallas, Arturo Trejo.

Fact 11:
We rarely ever eat candy (we do love dark chocolate, though)..but about once every six months we get a craving for sour gummies...and only sour gummies.

Fact 12:
Sometimes our evenings revolve around trying to annoy our cat, Pax. (Paximus Maximus, Paxy, Paxynug, Paxypoo, Paxativelaxative)

Fact 13:
Chris' dream is to be able to incorporate ziplining into our day to day lives. Obsession.

Fact 14:
Cheese. That is all.

Fact 15:
On that note, Chris and I are both lactose intolerant (me worse than him), but most people don't know that most cheddar cheese is naturally lactose free (or at least close.) Softer cheeses (brie, mozzarella, etc), milk, and ice cream are the real culprits.

Fact 16:
Chris nurses me back to health anytime I'm sick--he tracks my fluid intake and makes up the craziest natural home remedies for me to drink/eat.

Fact 17:
Chris always dreamt of being able to give his spouse footrubs for some reason. But he married the most ticklish human on the planet and therefore footrubs sound like the worst form of torture ever to me. He still tries. Even my shins and elbows are ticklish.

Fact 18:
Chris refrains from asking me anything before I've had a few sips of coffee because he is a good, good man.

Fact 19:
We have a MILLION BAJILLION nicknames for each other and they are all equally weird. I don't ever know where they come from.

Fact 20:
We love to play would you rather but we can't really play anymore because we always know how the other one is going to answer....so now we need a new game. Suggestions?