That's right, new blog address. I've been wanting to change this place for a while now as I created "adventures of c + j" upon getting married to my lovely man...the adventures surely aren't over but we've changed so much that it felt right to change our family journal a bit, as trivial as that sounds.

Lately I've been non-stop listening to Rend Collective's "art of celebration" album that our sweet friend gave to us and it's the happiest album ever. Perfect for this season of life (and forever--to choose celebration). There's one song in particular that really resonates with me called "Lighthouse," where the lyrics are:

I will trust the promise.. [that] you will carry me safe to shore.

 And every time I hear it I'm like. YES. Music, you guys. Anyways, moving back to the beach has been more healing than I could have imagined for our family. Mostly because there is a deep love in me for the ocean that can't be rationally explained with words. 

Throughout our journey with Ellie I have talked about how I frequently battled (and still battle) feelings of entitlement. I find myself waiting on promises that were never really promised to me and instead I find myself humbled and learning loads about gratitude for the life I already have rather than what may be to come. But the best promise is the one that actually has been promised to us..and it's that we will be carried home to shore in the end of it all. 

We're going to enjoy the voyage towards home. Rough waters? Still waters? Doesn't matter. You can come join our boat if you wanna.


Time for a pregnancy update?

How far along: 13 weeks 3 days
     Extreme fatique (different than E)
     Nausea  (more intense than E)
     Excess saliva (I know. I didn't know this was a pregnancy symptom until it started happening to me. I DROOL LIKE A DOG, people.) (didn't have with E)
     Pee every five seconds  (Yep, had that with E)
     SUPERMOODY (Sorry, Chris)
Boy or Girl?: we MAY find out at our next appointment on July 8th
What I miss?:  Having a good craft beer on the weekend, and surfing.
Baby Size:  Kiwi
Movement: YES! Flutters!
Food Cravings/Aversions: No cravings, just aversions (Peanut butter and Burgers are a NO GO. I can barely type the names without feeling sick.)
Best and Worst part about second pregnancy:
     Best: Feeling flutters earlier
     Worst: Normal clothes didn't last very long (maternity shorts/pants at 8 weeks. Eek!)