Baby Naming

It happened! I FINALLY found a prenatal vitamin that doesn't make me feel like death. The overwhelming majority of people told me to try out gummies. So i got the PreNatal kind with the backup plan of getting regular gummie vitamins and supplementing the other vitamins that I need. But, alas, they work and they taste better and Chris wants to eat them. Success! Thank you all for your suggestions.

Also-we have a name for our baby girl. Let me first remind you of how Ellie's name came about. We believe that naming children is a big deal. It's sort of a big deal in scripture annnddd how can you argue with that. This is the name that they will be called for the rest of their life and meaning is super important in that. I'm all about cute and trendy names, especially more peculiar ones, but we knew it was more important for God to help us find the right one, and when that becomes priority, it seems you just know when it's right.

Ellie came to us randomly before we knew the meaning. I had never met another Ellie before and we found out it meant bright shining one a few weeks BEFORE we found out about her condition. I've talked about her name before but it couldn't have been more perfect. Her middle name, Rae, came from Rachel which means "Lamb or Sheep," which is also perfect.

That being said, I had a few names written down that I really loved for this baby..but none had stuck even though Chris and I both liked them. Chris isn't as pressed as I am about actually solidifying the name because he's good at waiting for good things. I'm impatient and I like to know.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had had so so so many dreams that this baby was a boy. Until one night I had one single dream that it was a girl, and in the dream we named her. The name in the dream was very significant, which you will find out later why, and although we didn't feel like it was a good first name for her, we decided to keep it for her middle name IF the baby was a girl.. In ALL of my dreams about boys none included names, although we did have one picked out.

We found out she was a girl and were pretty positive we knew that her middle name would be the one I dreamt about. But still no luck on the first name.

We have worship and prayer time that we go to on Wednesdays at our church, and often great revelation comes during those nights, whether on a personal level or a broader level as a group, but we focus on interceding for others, the Church, our church body, and more. I was feeling a bit under the weather (due to the vitamin madness and general pregnancy fun) so I decided to hang back and enjoy some alone time while Chris went. After he walked out the door I thought to myself, "I wouldn't be surprised if Chris gets a name one night during worship some Wednesday."

When he got home, he had heard a name, and said that he heard it during the middle of a song and it "felt right." He told me the name and, just as it happened with Ellie's name, it hit a place in my heart that none of the other names had. My eyes started to water but I didn't want to get too excited as I didn't know the meaning yet...and if it had a negative or random meaning we would have been sure that maybe it just popped in his head for some other reason.

I typed the name into my search engine, slightly nervous, and when the meaning popped up I immediately cried and showed it to Chris. There are a few different meanings of the name, depending on which origin you choose to view it by, and every single one of them is absolutely so fitting for this little one.

I would tell you the meanings..........but then you sneaky people will reverse search it. ;)

For right now, we are planning to wait until delivery to announce, because we like that better, but I didn't want to forget how the story happened. (Although I DID remember to write the general details down in my baby journal--thanks, Caroline!)

The best things happen when you surrender. In all things. And especially baby naming. People won't understand. And they may not believe you. And they may think you're crazy. But when it fits, it fits. Just look at little Elliebelle.