New Prayer Request: Sleep.

Sleep has been a challenge. (Of course.)

Since Tuesday, we've been relatively restless. We finally got a good-ish nights sleep on Friday evening, and then Saturday night was another hard one (for me at least.) Falling asleep is a problem, and then once asleep I am hit with the worst nightmares and Ellie-memories of hospitals and children and holding another baby who does not get to come home with me. So obviously when I wake up it takes me quite a while to wind down, all the while remembering that it wasn't just a's sort of happened and is currently happening again.

Our friends left here Sunday morning and then we literally passed out for the entirety of Sunday--which was much needed but throws off sleeping later...and I desperately want to sleep through the night.

Another request to add on to the ever growing list. Forever grateful for just have no idea.