Small Update

First off- Thanks to all of you who have sent us cards and letters and beautiful drawings (Carl +Ailene!) They have made their way to our fridge and are a daily reminder of how loved and supported and prayed for we are. I keep wanting to thank each of you in person or at least on social media...but facebook isn't kind to me these days considering the entire world around me is pregnant (JOY!) but also struggle.

So, thank you. It means so much to us.

I don't have much to say today except a small update just to keep people informed..and so here it is. We are doing okay. We are trying hard to maintain some level of normalcy around here and we try not to give in to depressing thoughts, but occasionally it's hard to manage because of triggers that can't really be avoided (i.e. strangers noticing I'm pregnant, etc.) Because of this, I haven't been going out as much as I'd like to, except for to the gym and grocery store (in clothes that make it less noticeable that I'm pregnant.) :( Sad.

We are so thankful to be surrounded by such awesome community here and from afar. We've been blessed to have many people in our lives who are a continual encouragement and joy to be around. That is oh so important for us and so so valued.

Tomorrow we'll be headed to spend some much needed time with my parents (and celebrating my Dad's birthday slightly belated!) so that will be a nice little relaxing break. :)

love and peace,
Team Tate

Prayer People: We are going to begin asking for prayer (more prayer! ha!) about some decisions we're in the process of exploring for the not so distant future... but we don't want to be super specific on here because we'd like to keep personal opinions to a minimal and rather let God talk. So if you feel led to pray about what is to come in this next year for us, regardless of what happens with Elsie--feel free to email us scripture/impressions/anything you'd like. :) I don't say this to be intimidating or to make anyone feel that they have to "send the right thing," because no judgment whatsoever will be passed. We just know that a lot of you who read this are committed to prayer for our family and often get awesome encouragement from the Lord for us..and we love hearing about it. My email is jordanAtate@gmail. I won't be sharing what is sent to us in public, but rather will pray over each. In the end, we know that God will bring us clarity and we will practice discernment after receiving counsel from many. This is the best thing ever because it's so cool to look back and see how he uses his body as his voice. Holla at us.