Giraffe Jesus

This photo represents how I'm feeling about my doctor's appointment on Wednesday. If you recall, it will be the first one since the Elsie appointment from hell. The big giraffe is Jesus, in my mind. Is it okay to compare Jesus to a giraffe? Too late. Because clearly that giraffe is un-phased and not even acknowledging the scary, hellish thing that the jordangiraffe is afraid of.

I hate to exclude Chris from this giraffe story. He's most likely running after the scary thing all like "LEAVE NOW BEFORE JESUS GIRAFFE AND I DEMOLISH YOU."

So yeah. That's how I'm feeling. 

We've noticed this awesome trend with Elsie when we pray for her. Chris gets down low really close to my belly and puts his hands on her..and without fail, Elsie travels upwards and snuggles against Chris' hand and will not BUDGE until we're done praying. I'm usually laying on my back (mostly..with some modifications because hello pregnancy suffocation) and so it's not necessarily a natural thing for her to fight gravity to get up there. Usually when I'm laying this way she falls down to which ever side I'm leaning towards...but she's all over him! It's pretty amazing and you may not even believe me or you may think it's coincidence...but she NEVER does that to me when I'm praying for her alone. She knows her Daddy's voice and touch and I even get a little jealous because he can kiss my belly and I cannot. Forget kissing my own belly..I can't even touch my own toes anymore.

So it's no wonder God frequently reminds us to become like the little children. Little people are remarkable.

Please be praying for our appointment on Wednesday, we would really appreciate it.