We're back!

We're back from our runaway trip to California and we had a blast. I haven't written in a while and plan to write about what we did there as soon as I'm able to process it all :)

Elsie must have loved that the time zone was different, that the humidity was next to nothing (compared to here), that we ate really good food, and that we got loads of prayer because she was a crazy little person all day err'day. I loved all of those things too, though, so I don't blame her.

We heard almost every person from there talk about how dang hot it was, but we were LOVING the weather. It appeared to be hot by the temperature listed--but totally didn't feel like it because the humidity was so much less. Even six month pregnant me didn't feel all that hot hiking a really awesome trail to a mountain peak. It was relatively toasty at the top but definitely bearable.

We drove by Chris' childhood house but didn't drive by mine because we would have had to backtrack, but we determined we lived about 20 minutes apart during our early years. How crazy is that!?

Anyway, we are home now and I have a head full of frizzy hair to prove it.

I'll write soon!