Hiking, physical healings, the usual.

If you've seen my facebook as of recently, you have probably noticed my post about Chris' leg. It's WAY too good of a story not to share the entire thing, so as soon as I can I will have Chris sit down and write out everything that happened.

When he first came in and told me, I couldn't even check out his leg because he was pacing all around--and finally when he stood still I could see it. When you think about missing an INCH of leg, it's really significant, and it was easy to see with the naked eye. I could probably find pictures of him standing the way he always stood, with one hip supporting most of his weight. He's probably going to do it by habit now until he remembers he doesn't have to. :)

I JUST recently wrote a post about miracles and how many believers are hesitant to believe that they still happen--so what a joy it was to see my husband come home an inch taller since he no longer has to stand at the height of his shorter leg. :) He sits down frequently on the floor, lines them up, and shouts and laughs with joy. It's such a great gift, especially considering he loves running so much and hasn't been able to run long distances because of the horrible pain his leg was causing.

So anyways-look for that post soon! I've heard him tell it verbally to probably 10 or so people, and I never get tired of it. God is SO good, you guys.