Who's your maker?

In the last two years, I can't physically count the number of times we have heard the following: I know for a fact that I could not make it through what you're going through/I honestly can't imagine it/I have no idea what I would do if that happened to me.

Are your brains awake? Because this is my offering to you: if you are professing to be a believer in Christ, you should be very very aware of the solid foundation you stand on. If you truly truly are walking with the Lord, you should be prepared for the battle AND know that you are a conqueror before the battle even comes. Because we have been guaranteed a battle, and we've also been guaranteed the victory. Let me repeat: the battle is already won. One of the worst lies you could believe on this earth is that because your perceived threshold for adversity is low, God will magically shield you from trauma. You might say "God knows I'm not strong enough for that" and then you become completely oblivious to the fact that satan still exists and exists for the sole purpose of destroying Gods good plan for your life.

This isn't a message about God not protecting you, because he does. But we can become so sucked into this idea of God "not giving us more than we can bare" that we completely disregard the fact that we can bare much much much more than we might believe about ourselves because when Jesus reigns in your heart you literally have his spirit inside of you and His spirit literally defeated death. And you think your tolerance for adversity is low!? It dang well shouldn't be!! 

We live in a battle. We don't accept Christ and enter into a bubble of rainbows and happiness where nothing can come to hurt you.

Imagine an engineer building a car with materials that were never officially proven or tested to make it over a speed bump. They designed it blindly and manufactured it blindly and now they "hope" that when it hits a pot hole it doesn't crumble to pieces. This would never happen! Why? Because any good engineer has put time and research into studying the very best materials and car designs and manufacturing processes. They've gone into this thing knowing ahead of time that if they use specific blue prints and specific designs and specific materials that there is no way the car is going to disassemble itself when it reaches rocky roads....or even collisions. The same is true for us as believers. We should be fully aware of the "materials" that we are made up of. The old has fallen away. You are a new creation that stands on an immovable, uncrushable foundation.

Do you think I grew up thinking to myself. "I'm definitely strong enough to survive the loss of a child." NO! Of course not! On the contrary, I grew up hearing about how my parents lost THEIR child in a car crash and for years I just couldn't even believe how they were so amazing and strong and thriving after that. But I'm here waking this. And God lives in me. I'm not the strong one, I'm the weakest one. HE is the strong one and all I have to do is acknowledge his presence and allow him to take the lead.

When I hear people say the things they do to us about this being just so impossible to handle all I can think about is how they have already disqualified themselves to walk victoriously through trials before the trials even come. 

Is it rough? Absolutely. We couldn't keep track of the hours we have wailed and wept for our girls in the past couple of years. These blogs posts are often the aftermath of fighting off serious depression and serious cry-fests. There is so much you don't see. But goodness gracious we HAVE JESUS. You literally cannot underestimate Jesus. So we stand back up on our perfect foundation and we claim victory again and again and again.

I know I speak for my whole family when I say that the battle gets tiring. You can look around and see families who literally have been so lucky/blessed/whatever you want to call it to not face many intense trials. We aren't one of them. But we know for certain that the battle doesn't end with Elsie. So there is no point in covering our ears and eyes and ignorantly pretending that "after this things just HAVE to go smoothly."

That = letting your guard down. And when your guard is down and something hard comes your way you crumble and raise your fist at the God who promised you there would be trials and gave you all of the resources of Heaven to conquer them, and satan walks away smiling because God takes the blame.

Just because our guards are up does not mean we are afraid. We aren't backed into a corner waiting for the attack to come. We aren't welcoming adversity for the sake of the cause. We pray without ceasing for Gods good and perfect plan to prosper while still acknowledging that this is a war.

If you've had it easy and you feel blessed- that is wonderful. Praise God! But don't mistake good gifts and ease of life for immunity.

And if you HAVE had it easy, and want to practice fighting a very physical war, then pray your face off for Elsie. And all of the other heartache you encounter all around you all around the world.

This is a battle, people! And you ARE equipped. And you aren't equipped to "just survive." Get to know your maker and go conquer some stuff.