Don't worry you guys, I'm not spiraling into an abyss of offense if that's what you concluded from my last post. I was just trying to be a helpful friend that hoped to shed some light on the messy world of grief and loss. It's a struggle. There is grace. And I still believe in honesty. And for those that wondered--it was just about that one song. Because, you know, you can count on us to tell you if you say something crazy to us about our girls. We love them. God loves them.

We are home from a fun prayer type conference in Clemson with our dear friends that we miss SO much. I feel spoiled to have gotten to see all of them twice in a month...we should make that a habit.

I always leave those people feeling refreshed and encouraged and strengthened. We have this wonderful group of people around us (not just in Clemson) that are so consistent and amazing at holding our hands and hearts through life. Life long friendships, I am sure of it. I kept thinking all weekend. Shoot- what do people do who don't have friends like this!? Friends that ask hard questions, friends that get deep down below surface level conversations, friends that aren't intimidated by the mess. Friends that speak hard truth, loving truth, and encouraging words on the daily to one another. If you don't have community like that--seek it out! It has gotten us through many a hard day...all it requires is transparency, something we want to see more of in the world.

I love you people! My heart is full.

I'll provide an adoption update soon--not much has changed since last time! We are currently on the email list and receiving adoption "situations."