Real talk

I haven't been the most vocal about what's been going on over here in the realm of adoption, and that has been intentional. It's been a lot to process outside of the blog, so the thought of sitting down and typing out something that is coherent and helpful has been slightly overwhelming. I do have some general thoughts, though, and from them you can gather whatever information you want!

Things are happening quickly and we hear this is not the norm. Actually, I know it's not the norm. I'm pretty familiar with this world via research/work experience/general curiosity from an early age, and I can affirm that it's silly how fast it's going. Sometimes I have to catch myself in my ponderings about it all and ask myself "Is it really such a crazy idea that God may just want to bless us with a baby?" Because my mind is so. geared. for. tragedy. I think about the parents who wait YEARS for their adopted little people, or who wait six or seven months just to come across one or two situations, and that's just not how it's happening with us.

I can foresee myself sitting here typing to you guys with a small one just a few feet away--telling you how God is faithful and how I wish I could have trusted Him more throughout this whole I wish I could have forced my brain's gears to switch to expecting good things and not expecting failure. I'm just not there. I'm practicing a lot of grace with myself.

Another thing I think about often is "if only people knew what this was all like...they would surely run to get home studies done, right!?!?!?" The world of adoption can feel overwhelming when you step into it. For me it's not because of finances. Not because of pressure or the thought that we weren't made for this. It can feel overwhelming because there are so. many. orphans. You know how we can get paralyzed when we enter into situations that are so much bigger than we ever knew them to be? When in the face of the hugeness of things we freeze and do nothing? I find myself literally up in arms upset that we can't take multiple at a time. I'm not saying that the reason people don't adopt is because they aren't educated on the matter-on how many orphans are really out there....I just think we're so geared towards having our own babies and that's absolutely a beautiful thing. But man, you guys, what if we all just asked the Lord if He would have us adopt? Like--if we really really listened? I believe He's speaking to His Church about this, I believe it with all my heart. The Lord started speaking to me about adoption at an early age...and praise Him for bringing me a husband who had such compassion towards the orphans. I can't reduce orphan care down to a "call." I think there's more to it than that.

Maybe it looks different than solely bringing them in..or maybe it doesn't. I am not the one to judge, but what I'm getting at is just.........what if the church as a whole just talked to God about the orphans? They are real, you guys. I have an email inbox full of proof. They are all around.

Can you imagine me with this little weak heart coming across adoption situations multiple times a week and wondering who will parent these little people? And our realm of situations is so limited..just to the SOUTH EAST of the UNITED STATES! Worldwide?--gosh. So many orphans. Surely I am only feeling the tiniest percentage of love for them in comparison to what God feels towards them.

All this to say- things are happening. And we are excited, but we also hope to see people all around us adopt these little people. (Or big people!) I dream of a world where I know more people who have adopted orphans that those who haven't. THAT is a dreamy thought. We WILL keep everyone updated!

With love,
The Tates