Tate Life

Wellllllllllllllll, hey.

Every day lately is different than the last, some days harder, some days easier, some days we want to shoot the day in the face (not possible) and be done with. But there have been some good ones, too, and those are the ones I'm going to share.

Brain--not functioning as it normally does (what's new) so I'll just tell you briefly what we've been up to lately.

Chris had a birthday yesterday! He turned 26 years awesome, and for his birthday I bought him a variety of goodies and also coordinated a trip with our friends, Jake and Julie, to go down to Universal Studios again at the beginning of March. Just for the day. We did this almost exactly a year ago and it was magical. We can't wait to see them and we most definitely could use some rollercoaster/harry potter therapy.

We won this AMAZING adoption giveaway that I found out about on social media and entered not thinking at all that we were going to win the dang thing. It's a combination package from Faithful Adoption Consultants, The Adopt Shoppe, and the Choose Joy Conference. You can look up all of these online if you are curious about what they are. The Choose Joy Conference is happening at the end of April in Laguna Hills, California, and we get to attend (all expenses paid.) We are tacking on a couple days to the end of this conference since it's so far away, so we plan to live it up, people.

We went to a very well-timed (in our life) Bethel Worship Night in Charlotte with my parents, brother, and some of our dear friendies on this past Monday night. They sent a team over to our side of the states and we were so appreciative of that. Bethel Worship is some of the best (in our opinion), and it is so fun worshiping with family and friends. PLUS-the auditorium was SOLD OUT! Way to go, east coast peeps! You can listen to (and buy) the new album, "We Will Not Be Shaken" on itunes. It's really an amazing set of songs.

We have decided to just "do fun crap" whenever we feel like it this year, and so if you get a call from us to go to the local trampoline park...just say yes. We went last Friday sort of spur of the moment, and it was amazing. But for real, we were shockingly sore afterwards...after jumping for an hour. What. I had pregnancy to blame. Chris had nothing to blame.

Speaking of how terribly out of shape we are, I had my 6 week appointment and I'm officially good to start running and all the stuff. I've technically been going to the gym for a couple of weeks now, but it does feel good to work out again, especially when I'm feeling alkgalkjualkjerllaigjakejlajgad.
We did NOT get our genetic results back, they said they won't be available until probably March or April. I don't really care that much as I'm guessing I already know what they are going to say. They have mentioned twice that depending on the results, we could test embryos via IVF for the fatal condition and insert the ones that are healthy, but we do not feel comfortable with this as we would have to destroy the "affected" embryos. All I can think about when they talk about that is destroying little Ellie's and Elsie's. No way, man. If I get pregnant again it will be via embryo adoption (info on that in the adoption tab up top.)  :)

And that's about all I've got left in my head.

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