Over Half A Year

Shepherd, how are you already 7 and a half months old?

I love watching you grow and I love watching you learn, but I am oh so grateful to see each and every stage and to soak in these fleeting baby days. I get teary eyed when you try so hard to crawl. I cherish the time I get to hold you and feed you, and change you and dress you. If there is one thing I want to say about your childhood, it's that I soaked in every bit of it. The easy seasons, the hard seasons, the teething seasons, the giggly seasons, and the tantrum seasons. Every single bit of it is a gift that was robbed from us twice. And YOU are the most wonderful fulfillment of promise.

I know one day soon you won't need me to feed you in the middle of the night.
I'm sure I won't complain about getting a full night of sleep, but my heart won't forget all of the times I fed you in the middle of the night with teary eyes of joy because of how deeply I love being your mama and how thankful I am that you came to us when you did. 
I know you won't always need me to change you and you'll be so proud to pick out your clothes all by yourself..but for now, I am so extremely happy that these little things are a part of my every day.

So now, as you continue to grow and learn and develop your lovable, crazy, sweet personality..I'll be right next to you- ever grateful, ever teary eyed, and with a very very full heart. I love you, my 7 month old teething, yelling, laughing, rolling, jumping, kissable little treasure.