We got back from universal a couple hours ago and I can't sleep because if I'm in the car for longer than an hour I fall asleep..unless Chris plays would you rather with me but he was too busy listening to someone literally read him the bible through head phones because he's a saint or a married monk or something and so I had no choice but to fall asleep and dream about Tate babies. Typical.

We went to islands of adventure (where Harry potter lives) and universal, and back to islands of adventure and we waited in approximately zero lines (just a few) because we picked the best day in all of ever to go. Credit to the Greenes on that one. At one point I wished the lines were longer than two seconds so that my stomach would have time to settle...like the time we chugged butter beer slushies and then road the dragon coasters twice.  The butter beer did actually stay in my stomach, contrary to what my mind predicted.

Basically I just wanted to hug J.k. Rowling one hundred times because that place was outrageous and it all came from her brain. Love it.

Thanks again, Jake and Julie. You guys make life more fun. 

I DID TAKE A VIDEO THIS TIME but it was less cool because we hardly ever waited in line so i didn't have many chances to record. Sorry. A for effort. I'll post it soon. 

Maybe if I brainstorm what my hypothetical patronus animal would be some more I'll fall asleep. Nevermind that's way too exciting a topic for sleep time. 

Giraffe, maybe? Cheetah? Honey badger?